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I've purchased the game and have access to the downloads. Where is my Steam key?

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hi there, thank you for making this game! i have a question about steam keys. I directly downloaded the game onto my computer, but i was wondering where i could find the steam key?? (i'd like to access this game through my steam inventory, but when i looked at the purchase receipt again i can't find the steam key anywhere... this is a screenshot of the page for proof of purchase


2064 is my all time favorite!!

I bought Read Only Memories on Steam a few months ago. Absolutely loved it. I have not done many games of this style, click to point or interactive novel or whatever its called. But this game kept pulling me back night after night to get more of the story. Great characters, great setting. The art is awesome and I enjoyed the sounds as well. If you're on the fence I say go for it!

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Just letting you know that there's an issue where the new Itch client downloads the Sights and Sounds file instead of the game file if you bought it with the game. Should be solved by removing the OS icons from the file.

Fantastic game, btw.


Thanks so much for letting us know about what you found, fixing now :D

Dude. The trailer video is SOLID man! takes me back to he nineties/early 2000's. Anyway, the demo was enjoyable enough to convince me to buy this. Characters are fantastic. I'm loving how the game lets you choose your pronoun. Can't wait to discover the rest of the content. Great game!!

Fantastic ! It´s on my list . Buying it soon.. :))


Really happy I backed this project, it's turned out to be a truly amazing game that creates a genuinely interesting living world you wont want to leave. I'm hoping for an Oculus style version in the future that I can actually climb inside of and see out my days in Neo-SF. Great game!


I did a Let's Play/First impressions on this game! Come check it out if ya like!
Big thanks to the developer for this great game!
Hope you enjoy.