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2064: Read Only Memories merges old-school adventure gaming with modern storytelling to explore some of the social challenges we will face in the near future. Explore the colorful future metropolis of Neo-San Francisco, meeting a huge cast of fascinating characters and solving a far-reaching mystery. Think carefully about your choices, because you never know how they will affect this dynamic, branching narrative further down the line.

The world is changing.

Genetic alteration of humans is now commonplace, with many choosing to radically alter their bodies to express their individuality. Virtual intelligences called ROMs (Relationship and Organizational Managers), created as simple digital assistants, are exerting greater control over people’s lives. Some are terrified by this rapid change, and they are willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent it.

A lost ROM named Turing breaks into the apartment of a struggling journalist to ask for help. They claim to be the first sapient machine—not a simulation of life but a genuinely self-aware artificial being—and the technical genius who created them has gone missing. Can you unravel the shocking conspiracy that threatens to rock an entire society? Or will the darkness that lies behind the bright neon lights of Neo-SF consume you?

  • Old-school, cutting-edge - Classic point-and-click adventuring inspired by the likes of Gabriel Knight and Snatcher is melded with modern branching storytelling that delves into identity, individuality, and what it means to be human.

  • People of the future - Get to know a diverse cross-section of Neo-SF’s population, brought to life by some of the best voice talent working in games today, including Melissa Hutchison and Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead), Erin Yvette (Oxenfree), Austin Creed (WWE’s Xavier Woods), and internet stars Jim Sterling (Jimquisition) and SungWon Cho (ProZD).

  • High tech nostalgia - The city of Neo-San Francisco is rendered in beautiful pixel art, and your adventure is accompanied by a catchy low-fi electronic synth soundtrack.

  • Solve the mystery - Enjoy over ten hours of adventure gaming goodness, featuring exploration, dynamic branching conversations, multiple endings, and many challenges to overcome.

  • The definitive PC edition - Since its launch two years ago, the team has made many improvements and additions to an already amazing game, making this the ultimate version. Additions have included new characters and voice performers, additional facial animations, Japanese language support, and the “Endless Christmas” extended epilogue that allows you to hang out with your favorite Neo-SF locals.

More about the Sights & Sounds of Neo-SF Deluxe Edition

Sights of Neo-SF (Artbook)

The world of 2064 can be hard to navigate. The Sights of Neo-SF is the official art book by Read Only Memories director and lead artist John "JJSignal" James. Highly stylized and specific in its visuals, ROM's progression from early sketches to final form is fully outlined in this 50-page PDF. You will see early concepts fully realized, previous versions of your favorite characters and even some characters that didn't make the final cut. JJ lists Bubblegum Crisis, Akira, Megazone 23, and the Pluto manga as his biggest style inspirations. Come see where the ideas behind the game began and watch them evolve into the vibrant city of Neo-SF we know and love.

Sounds of Neo-SF (Soundtrack)

Composed by 2 Mello, the Sounds Of Neo-SF is the FM-synthy, funky, and positively-charged soundtrack to MidBoss' cyberpunk adventure game Read Only Memories. Not content with a soundtrack that was merely fitting for its game, 2 Mello crafted these sounds to embody the dual nature of Neo-San Francisco, all its charm and its hidden dangers. But who said that our cyberpunk future has to be dark and dreary? You'll be humming these melodies to 2064 and beyond.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 05, 2015
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(516 total ratings)
AuthorsMidBoss, Kossio, JJSignal
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tags2064, 2064rom, Cyberpunk, LGBT, lgbtq, midboss, Queer, read-only-memories
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter, Blog


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2064: Read only Memories (EN) • Win64 556 MB
Version 11
2064: Read only Memories (EN) • Win32 554 MB
Version 11
2064: Read only Memories (EN) • OSX 567 MB
2064: Read only Memories (EN) • Linux 521 MB
Version 10
Read Only Memories (Legacy) • Win64 93 MB
Read Only Memories (Legacy) • Win32 91 MB
Read Only Memories (Legacy) • OSX 112 MB
Read Only Memories (Legacy) • Linux 109 MB
2064: Read only Memories • Sights of Neo-SF 9 MB
if you pay $24.99 USD or more
2064: Read only Memories • Sounds Of Neo-SF 295 MB
if you pay $24.99 USD or more

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2064: Read only Memories Demo • Win64 180 MB
2064: Read only Memories Demo • Win32 179 MB
2064: Read only Memories Demo • OSX 193 MB
2064: Read only Memories Demo • Linux 191 MB
ROM Phone Sound Pack! 1 MB


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Very fun game set in the near future where humans, hybrids, and androids all cohabitate... not so peacefully. Your friend has been kidnapped and you need to find him!


I played this game three years ago and still think of it often. I think it changed my life in the way a glacier changes a landscape, or the way a steward changes a garden by introducing a new species to fertile land. Thank you.

I really enjoyed the story and the art was awesome.


This was a great experience overall! I loved the art and the voice acting. The story was fun and compelling. As a va-11 hall-a fan I was very excited to find the easter eggs referencing it :)
My only criticism: I'd have loved to have a little more impact on the story. After a while it got a little more difficul to feel like an active part of the story.

Nonetheless, I think it was a great game. Big recommend!!

The Linux version seemly doesn't work. Downloaded and extracted the most recent, it has permission to run as executable, but it won't work for some reason. I've tried moving it around some too, it just refuses to launch. Any suggestions from anyone on how to fix it?

(1 edit) (+1)

Borrowing a bit from this reddit comment on r/linux_gaming:

> apx --aur install base-devel git libxcursor libxrandr pulseaudio
> git clone https://gitlab.archlinux.org/tallero/mono5-aur.git
> cd mono5-aur/
> apx --aur run makepkg -si
> apx run --aur ~/.var/app/io.itch.itch/config/itch/apps/rom/ROM.x86_64

How can I get a steam key for this game if I purchased from the bundle forUkraine?

if you scroll to the topp of the page you will see you own this game with hte download button next to it


I played this for a couple hours on a Windows machine, and thought it was great. Since switching to Linux Mint (same machine, different OS) the game runs unusably slowly, with the cursor moving at roughly 1 frame per second. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix this I'd be grateful as I remember this being an excellent game.


I love the humor of all the dialogs under the Talk option, and I can relate to the daily social topics this game talked about. The old-school pixel art has a comfortable color pattern, and the background story setting is easy to be accepted by the player.


Such a good game. Amazing voice acting. Story gets a little obvious at times because every character at some point goes: overshare time but amazing game. Eternal Christmas was fun-- wonder why there were suddenly new characters (in fact, I'm complaining about the lack of them in the whole game-- lookin at you Crow) but can't wait for the second game. Hope it comes out in VA + shows some more awesome minigames.


I played this game on console a few years back, it was very fun and the world was very interesting. The music was also really great! 


Hello, not sure if this is a known issue, but choosing to install the Linux version just results in a ZIP file in a folder. The game cannot be launched.


I've never been so entertained trying to pour spoiled milk on objects and people

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One of the best games I ever played. Whoever wrote the dialogs should write a novel some time.


God bless Tomcat and thank you for this game. Had a blast.


If I purchased this game in the Ukraine bundle, do I still get a steam key?

From my experience, no.

Only if it specified yes, then no.

Solid text based point and click game. I'll have to come back to this in 42 years, and see just how outdated this vision of the future is.

BEST game i've played in so long. thank you.


For whatever reason, this game will not open on drive F, it had to be on drive C. Windows 8.1.


Is romance possible in this game? it's fantastic so far without it, but I'd like to know in case I come up on any choices of that nature!


This game takes place in the early years of the Orion's Arm universe, change my mind

Before or after the Gray Goo apocalypse?

Before, obviously


I'm curious if anyone has a YouTube compilation for what happens when you taze various characters?

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I'm experiencing an odd issue on Windows 10. After I start up the game and then close it, I can't seem to restart the game without restarting my computer. ROM appears in the processes list of task manager and even takes up some memory, but the game does not launch.

ETA: The problem was apparently due to a faulty driver on my end.


This game reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077. Even at its full price it’s still a dope game.



I've not had such a fun time with a game in ages, I can fully recommend it, even at it's full price.


Itch.io launcher didn't work correctly with this game. Game zip was downloaded, but I had to extract and chmod +x the executable manually.  After that the game launches as it should through the launcher.


Noticed the same thing. This is on linux, of course.

same problem here

Is this game still receiving updates? The characters' mouths stop moving even if their speech audio is still playing, whenever you click ahead/press the space bar prematurely to display all of the text at once. It would be nice if this was fixed.


I'm currently on Chapter 5 and I love this game. Out of curiosity I got it from the BLM bundle and would like to know if I got the art book and soundtrack and all that good stuff. I can't wait to beat it. Also is there any merch or plans? I need pins of the characters... lol 


I bought the game through the bundle, like many others. Is there any way to buy just the sights and sounds content without having to repurchase the game?


I think the soundtrack is on 2 Mello's Bandcamp


The download link seems broken. I tried installing both via the itch app and direct download.


Another pretty famous game that probably needs not a lot of introduction. its a mainly story focussed Visual Novel with relatively simple puzzles in an adventure game style. The big highlight is the very vivid game world and character personalities and incredibly charming realization of it all. Mixing the retro Cyberpunk look and feel with a futuristic city works out so well, its enjoyable to just dip into the world, even if its a tad easy. 4/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking: https://itch.io/c/915453/quick-impressions-bundle-for-racial-justice


Do you have a download link for the Japanese version?


I bought this game in the Racial Justice Bundle, however I get constant stuttering when playing the game. It will just freeze for a second or two every so often. My laptop isn't amazing, but it can run other adventure games just fine, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Anyone know how to fix it?

Deleted 1 year ago

Macs automatically asks that for a lot of games/program. I've never noticed differences from accepting or denying it.


Some games ask for this macOS permission in order to provide a better full-screen experience by doing things such as preventing the top bar and dock from peeking or disabling certain shortcuts. Of course, it allows the game to function as a keylogger as well, which would be bad.


I don't know how to play in Japanese. Does anyone know how to do this?

I got this on the Switch from the Cyberpunk sale they got there, Absolutely I fell in love with this game even they have some flaws with the interface and the lack of gameplay.

Planning to get a physical version of this real soon. Great game right there!

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

just got this game with the racial justice bundle. played for a few minutes, fell in love with the story and the setting and want to give it a try. however, before moving on, i have one question: what is the differece between the 2064: Read only Memories (EN) and Read Only Memories (Legacy) versions? which one shoud i play?


2064 is the most up to date and feature rich. That is the one I would recommend. The legacy is for those who like an old school style point and click.


thanks!! 😄😄

Your welcome :)


As a fan of cyberpunk pixel dystopias, this is the game that introduced me to this niche genre and is one of my favorites. The interface and art is gorgeous, the characters are very endearing, the voice acting is awesome, and this openly queer future full of color and diversity is so so good. Play it! You'll enjoy it ;)


I've purchased the game and have access to the downloads. Where is my Steam key?

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